Crime Line

Crime Line

9 August 2017

It has been a fairly busy past week for the Wanaka Police with a mixed bag of incidents. Here are a few of the jobs we have dealt with:

At the start of the week a duffel bag containing personal effects was removed from a vehicle that was parked at the rear of a house on Upton Street. It appears this took place overnight.

A local female was arrested for wilful trespass at a local bar after being refused entry due to her intoxication level and choosing to climb a fence to gain entry anyway.

Police attended a crash on the Red Bridge at Luggate. The vehicle was heading across the bridge towards Hawea. Due to the presence of ice the vehicle lost control and spun becoming wedged between the two sides of the bridge. The bridge sustained substantial damage.

Another crash happened just south of the Cardrona township when a vehicle got caught up in grit and the back end of the vehicle slid out. The driver over corrected and the vehicle ended up in the river.

Three drink drivers were stopped and processed for excess breath alcohol. I am yet to write a Crimeline for the week that doesn’t make mention of a drink driver being caught. There’s a challenge for you Wanaka.

A search of a vehicle at a traffic stop located a bong and pipe used for consuming cannabis.

We received two reports of damage to property. Sometime on Friday night a special individual decided to throw a beer bottle through the front window of the Pharmacy, and the manager of the Lakeside Apartments reported some buffoon had thrown two pool side loungers onto the cover of the outside pool, damaging it.

Two males were arrested in separate incidents on the weekend for disorderly behaviour and one for resisting police. Both involved a high level of intoxication and after a spell in the cells they were in a much better state.

Keep warm and enjoy the rest of the week.